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The Chrysalis Colour Analysis podcast is all about colour analysis in the wild. The hosts Christine Scaman and Jorunn Hernes talk about topics related to colour analysis and how to use colours to make your days brighter, your wardrobe more enjoyable, and your life easier. 

The episodes are listed with the most recent at the top, and new episodes will be added as they're published.

There are websites, blogs, products and images that we refer to in the episodes, and you can find links to these in the shownotes.

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We know some pretty smart people:

...and we're hosting some of them in the podcast:

Cate LInden

Cate Linden

We're delighted to be joined by style and image analyst, Cate Linden of Louisville, Kentucky, USA in episode 37, and were truly  inspired by Cate’s approach for merging science and technique with beauty, practicality, and soulfulness. You'll find Cate's website HERE.

Mary Steele Lawler

Mary Steele Lawler

Mary Steele Lawler of Luminosity in Mississippi. A wonderful storyteller, Mary Steele visits our podcast in Ep. 36, sharing personal and professional insights about colour in a warm climate, and had us in stitches with her hilarious anecdotes and we shared insights about colour analysis in different regions.


Jennifer Connolly

Jennifer Connolly is a retired personal stylist and image consultant. She started her blog A Well Styled Life out of a passion to help women dress with confidence. 

In Episode 34 and 35, Jennifer tells us of her journey to know her colours through various eras, PCA systems, and results, and shares what sets the SciART system apart.

Viktorija Gedrimiene photographer

Viktorija Gedrimiene

Viktorija is a photographer from Lithuania currently located in Norway. She is a nature photographer, and also does both personal and business portrait photography. Her personal journey has led her to deal with her own body issues, and as a way of helping other women nurture a positive relationship with their bodies, she has started offering boudoir photography. We were very lucky to have Viktorija as our guest on Episode 29, about body issues!

Debi Rushworth, Personal Colour Analyst

Debi Rushworth

Debi is a 12 Blueprints Personal Colour Analyst based in New Brunswick, Canada. Debi joined us in Episode 23 when we had choosing eyeglasses as our topic, and we shared experiences and opinions about picking eyeglasses for the different Seasons.

Florentina Mossou

Florentina Mossou

Florentina of StyleScience (previously known as Calla Studio) from The Netherlands. Florentina is a trained 12B colour analyst and also the creator of the Align Style Analysis system. She joined us for episode 22 to talk about her new, science based style analysis.

Anna Lazarska

Anna Lazarska

Our colleague Anna Lazarska of The Perfect Moodboard is a Personal Colour Analyst and Style Coach based in Poland, though she offers her style coaching services worldwide. We really enjoyed interviewing her and listening to her story and valuable insight about personal style in Episode 18.

Courtenay St. John

Courtenay St. John

Our colleague Courtenay of Studio St. John is a Personal Colour Analyst located in Massachusets. Courtenay has a special interest in and talent for hair colouring, and we relied heavily on her input for our episodes on Hair Colour: Episode 11 (part 1 about colouring your hair in general), Episode 12 (part 2 about hair colour basics).

Episode 23: Eyeglass frames with Debi Rushworth

Choosing eyeglass frames for the different Seasons is the topic for this episode, where we are joined by PCAnalyst Debi Rushworth of New Brunswick Canada.

Links to topics mentioned in the episode:

The site Debi used for choosing frames is here at Zenni Optical.

My Bright Winter course is here at Nordic Simplicity.

E-books and the paperback with information about the Seasons are here at the 12 BLUEPRINTS shop.

Neutrals Sets of fabrics for the Seasons are here at the 12 BLUEPRINTS shop. 

Below are the images that we refer to and discuss in the episode, so you can look at them as you listen to the podcast!

Debi three alternative frames

These are the three alternatives on Debi's shortlist of eyeglasses, that we discuss in the show

Debi grey frames

Debi in the grey frames

rimless vs statement glasses

Jorunn in rimess vs. statement frames

Episode 22: Align Style Analysis with Florentina Mossou

In this episode, we are joined by the creator of the Align Style Analysis system, Florentina Mossou in The Netherlands.  

We learn how our body dimensions are translated to clothing shapes and designs in harmony with our own.

Florentina’s Pinterest boards for the 16 Align body types are here. 

The intro post (part 1 of 7) for the Align Makeup Masterclasses is here at Chrysalis Colour

Christine’s 5 Favourite Beauty Products of 2020 is here at 12 BLUEPRINTS.

Episode 21: The Magic Third Ingredient

The third and final episode in our series with style coach Anna Lazarska of Perfect Mood Board.

Anna is with us for the third part our conversation. in it, the discussion centres around what makes your styles and colours truly personal and individual, and how you choose to express your preferences, tastes, and lifestyle in how you dress.

Anna’s Style Strategy is on her website: The Perfect Mood Board. Find Anna here on Instagram. Anna’s LinkedIn profile page is here.

Part 1 of our conversation with Anna is in Episode 18. Part 2 with Anna is in Episode 19

The Style Challenge program for the New Year that we mention in the episode is here

Episode 20: Pets and celebrities

A lighthearted look at typing our pets into Seasons, and how it is so tempting to type celebrities as well.

My blog post with the gallery of pets that we talk about in the podcast is here at Nordic Simplicity. Feel free to contribute!

Christine and I have fun looking at different images of a celebrity to prove how difficult it really is to type anyone from photos on screen, and how fun it is to do so anyway!

The Cate Blanchett photos that we discuss in the episodes are found here:

Picture 1 (the Western movie) is here at Pinterest. 
Picture 2 (the Winter image) is here at Pinterest. 
Picture 3 (the Spring image) is here at Pinterest. 
Picture 4 (Summer image in blue cloche hat) is here at Pinterest.
Picture 5 (red lips and apricot hair) is here at Pinterest.
Picture 6 (darker ash brown hair) is here at Pinterest

Episode 19: Image Archetype with Anna Lazarska

Style coach Anna Lazarska of Perfect Mood Board in Poland joins us once more. In this episode, Anna explains image archetype and how knowing your type leads to your most flattering clothing styles and designs.

*at 2.03 min., Christine should have said “…adjusting the data to fit the results…” rather than the other way round.

*at 28.25 min., the audio paused momentarily when Anna was discussing peplums. Her words were “…peplums are usually considered a no-no for pear-shaped bodies…”

Dressing like a tree trunk or quilt with legs
Anna trying out the classic image archetype

And here you see the humiliating photos we talked about in the episode. Me dressing in some kind of Natural Image Archetype, and Anna trying on a Classic Image Archetype.

Both of us subsequently found out we were completely different Image Archetypes. Listen to the podcast to find out which!

Episode 18: Style Coach Anna Lazarska

Anna Lazarska is our guest in this episode as we discuss colour analysis, image archetype, and how the strategies she used to find the common ground between them  in her personal style led to the creation of a style coaching business. 

Show notes: Anna’s Style Strategy is on her website: The Perfect Mood Board. Anna’s hair colour post here on Chrysalis. Anna’s post, One Woman, Four Versions here on Chrysalis. The Chrysalis podcast, Episode 15: Hair Colour for Winters is here. Find Anna here on Instagram. Anna’s LinkedIn profile page is here.

Episode 17: Hair Colour for Autumns

We discuss hair colour for all three Autumn Seasons: True, Soft and Dark Autumn, in the order of natural colour, chemical colour, and colour to avoid.

Courtenay St. John is found on her website at Studio St. John Colors. Courtenay’s own hair colour blog post here on Chrysalis Colour.  The 12 BLUEPRINTS True Autumn Pinterest board is here. The 12 BLUEPRINTS Dark Autumn Pinterest board is here

Thumbnail photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash

Episode 16: Hair Colour for Springs

In this episode, we talk about hair colour for people of the Spring seasons. As an afterthought, we also talk about a book by Malcolm Gladwell called What the Dog Saw, in which there is a chapter about the issue of being blonde, seen in the perspective of recent history. Such an interesting book! Find Malcolm Gladwell's book here (I do get a minute commission if you order the book via this link):

We follow the order of True, Light, and Bright Spring, divided into natural colour, chemical colour, and colour to avoid.

Courtenay St. John is here on Chrysalis under the Colour Analysts>Massachusetts tab, or her on her website at Studio St. John Colors

Thumbnail photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Episode 15: Hair Colour for Winters

We discuss hair colour for the three Winter Seasons in this episode. And what a long episode it turned out to be! So much good stuff here.

We follow the order of True, Bright, and Dark Winter, divided into natural colour, chemical colour, and colour to avoid.

Courtenay St. John is here on Chrysalis under the Colour Analysts>Massachusetts tab, or her on her website at Studio St. John Colors

Episode 14: Hair Colour for Summers

We discuss hair colour for Summers in the order of natural colour, chemical colour, and colour to avoid, plus two examples. We follow the order of True Summer, LIght Summer, Soft Summer, and the examples we use are Justin Trudeau and Erna Solberg.

Courtenay St. John is here on Chrysalis under the Colour Analysts>Massachusetts tab, or her on her website at Studio St. John Colors

Christine’s Light Seasons and Blonde Highlights post is here at 12 BLUEPRINTS.

Jane Fonda on Pinterest

Ombre: https://www.latest-hairstyles.com/color/ombre/lovely-ideas.html

Balayage: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/beauty/hair/a29591985/what-is-balayage-hair/

Justin Trudeau in the Montreal Gazette

Erna Solberg in the government of Norway site. 

Ruby Slippers lipstick for Soft Summer is on the  Soft Summer product page, here at 12 BLUEPRINTS.

Photo Credit:  Alex Ware on Unsplash.

Episode 13: Beautiful Silver

We discuss wearing our natural silver hair most beautifully, how to manage the transition stages, and tips for choosing hair colour while we still want to cover gray. 

Courtenay St. John is at Studio St. John or at Chrysalis Colour under the Colour Analysts tab > USA > Mass.

Jane Fonda’s gray hair transformation is here.

The video about using men’s moustache products to add definition to brows is here on YouTube. 

Christine’s posts on The Right Skin Polish for the Seasons are here for SummerAutumnSpring, and Winter

Photo credit: Ravi Patel on Unsplash

Episode 12: Hair colour basics part 2

In this episode, we finish up discussing general topics that could apply to most everyone to some degree, with hair colour mistakes, dividing the show into two sections:

For the mature group, after around 40 years of age, once silver hair starts appearing, and For the younger group, under 35 or 40.

Show notes:

Courtenay St. John is at Studio St. John in Massachusetts.

Photo credit: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash.

Episode 11: Hair colour basics part 1

The first in our series of episodes about hair colour, in which we rely heavily on conversations with our colleague Courtenay St. John who gives sage advice about colouring your hair at home. Her input is featured throughout the episodes about hair colour.

In this Part 1 episode, we discuss what looks good when it comes to hair colour on any Season and how at-home hair colour might make it happen. 

Show notes:

Courtenay St. John of Studio St. John is here on Chrysalis Colour.

Courtenay posts on Chrysalis, about hair colour without the salon, Light Summer, and Dark Winter (and Dark Autumn).

12 BLUEPRINTS Pinterest boards for the 12 Seasons.

Episode 10: White

Our conversation is all about the colour white and how the Seasons wear their whites in the most beautiful way.

Show notes:

Pinterest boards for the 12 Seasons from 12 BLUEPRINTS. (Many of our analysts have Pinterest boards with beautiful images. Find them here on Chrysalis by following the More tab to Pinterest links.)

At 12 BLUEPRINTS, follow the Shop tab to find e-books, the paperback book, and the Neutrals Sets under their own headings or grouped with each Season.

A post about Marshall McLuhan at Medium.

The Duchess of Sussex (Meghan Markle) in her going-away dress at Town and Country magazine.

Nordic Simplicity blog article about white, click here

Episode 9: Season instinct and leaning warm or cool

Do people know their colours instinctively? How can I tell if I have a warm or cool undertone? What does it mean to lean warm or cool in our Season?

Photo for this episode by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Episode 8: Seasons and personality

We answer a single reader question about one of our favourite topics, the personalities associated with the Seasons. The question is:

Do you ever colour analyze people whose Season does not match the character stereotype for their Season?

We  then ask ourselves,  do character stereotypes for the Seasons have any value? 

The image for this episode is inspired by the famous quote by Forrest Gump’s mother about life being “like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”. Regarding personalities, we’d like to say that “Personalities are as different as cakes. All are delicious, even though some of us might be tough cookies”  

Show notes:

The Hero and The Outlaw, by Margaret Mark and Carol S. Pearson is here at Amazon.

Return to Your Natural Colours, 2nd ed., by Christine Scaman, is here at 12 BLUEPRINTS.

An Instance of the Fingerpost, by Ian Pears, here at Amazon.

Style and Line analysts:

Meet Rachel Nachmias of Best Dressed here at Chrysalis Colour.

Meet Florentina Mossou of Calla Studio here at Chrysalis Colour.

An  example of Seasonal Personality types:


Jungian Archetypes:






Meyers-Briggs (MBTI):



Episode 7: Harmony, hair and skin tones

What is harmony? How do you know when you’ve achieved it? Do you ever see people coloured out of harmony? Do you ever wonder whether natural hair colour can clash with Season? and whether natural hair colour might be so different from the ‘average’ images for the Season that clothing colours require adjusting? Does colour analysis work for skin of any colour? 

The photo of the perfume bottles for this episode is by Natanni on Unsplash

Red hair fuchsia dress
Show notes:

The link for the musical score image (at Society6 for purchase), entitled The Sound of Silence, click HERE

The YouTube link for the cast of the Lion King singing in the open air in Paris, click HERE

The link (and trailer) for Neil deGrasse Tyson’s masterclass, click HERE

Episode 6: Capsule Wardrobe part 2

There are two ways to access this show. You can choose listen only (click on the Podbean Episode), or you can enjoy the full conversation as we recorded it on Zoom (the video on the right).

Show notes:

Christine’s top is here at Mountain Equipment Co-op.

The capsule wardrobes discussed in this show: Woman #1: This capsule wardrobe is a basic, calm wardrobe that she needs for work, plus some expansion items that makes her able to create outfits for more occasions. And then ther'man #2, who likes a casual wardrobe when she’s not at work, but needs a small number of dressier outfits too. We also show an example of the capsule wardrobe of a woman who has a skirt that she loves and wanted to use that as a starting point to build a capsule wardrobe. And finally, we showcase the capsule wardrobe of a free spirited woman who hates following rules but still wants a structured and workable capsule wardrobe.

Episode 5: Capsule Wardrobe part 1

We discuss the ideas and advantages behind capsule wardrobes and consider the choice of the neutral colours upon which the wardrobe will rely. 

Show notes:

Jorunn’s Capsule Wardrobe Course

Episode 4: Makeup for mature faces

In this episode, our topic is makeup for mature women. We discuss our different approaches to makeup and share our practical tips and tricks.

Our conversation is divided under the following topics: Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Eyebrows, Eyes, Cheeks, Lips.

red boots

...and if you're wondering what a photo of bright red boots is doing under the show notes for an episode about makeup, listen to the podcast!

Show notes:

Christine’s moisturizer for sheering foundation: Paula’s Choice Invisible Finish Moisture Gel

Christine’s  fluid sunscreen, alone or under foundation: Paula’s Choice Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50

A good primer: Arbonne Makeup Primer

An effective primer (scented, and read the ingredient list if your skin is sensitive) at Sephora: Dr. Brandt pores no more Luminizer Primer.

Christine’s upper lid primer: Smashbox 24 hr Shadow Primer

Christine’s flesh-tone powder: Almay Loose  Finishing Powder in Light 100

Christine’s everyday powder: Kat von D Lock It Setting Powder.

Christine’s post at 12 BLUEPRINTS  of current foundation, Rimmel Lasting Finish in shade 103.

Chrysalis posts on:

Skin Polish for Spring

Skin Polish for Summer

Skin Polish for Autumn

Skin Polish for Winter

Jorunn’s brow product: Inglot Amc Brow Liner Gel. Jorunn’s colour is No. 12.

Christine’s brow product: BLUEPRINTS Brow Wax Duo in Ash Brown. 

Clear brow wax:  BLUEPRINTS Clear Wax refill pan. 

Debi Rushworth’s post on silvering hair:  To Grey or Not To Grey.

Christine’s eyeliner (good Dark Winter dark charcoal,  moderately smudge-proof): Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Zero. 

Jorunn’s mascara: Sensai 38 degrees

Christine’s mascara: Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume. 

Jorunn’s video: Makeup at 60 

Beautypedia for cosmetic reviews. 

Episode 3: Changing colours with maturity

How do we use our colours from youth to maturity? And is it true that the warm Seasons are less flattered by silvering hair?

Show notes:

Link to the blog post about yellow

Episode 2: Colour Basics

In this episode, we discuss the following questions: What do Seasons have to do with natural colouring? What happens during and right after a colour analysis? Why does the Season concept work for choosing clothes and makeup? And: Does Season change with age?

Show notes:

Find a colour analyst near you in the Analyst Directory at the Chrysalis Colour website.

Episode 1: Welcome to the Colour Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of a podcast series dedicated to straight talk about understanding your colours, using your Season’s palette, and applying both to the best shopping decisions you could make. 

In this first episode, you’ll meet your hosts, Christine and Jorunn, hear about their personal areas of interest as colour analysts, and learn what motivated them to bring this podcast to life.

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Your Podcast Hosts

Christine Scaman
Christine scaman

Christine Scaman is located in Prince Edward Island, Canada. In addition to in-person Colour Analysis, Christine blogs about Colour and 12 Seasons. Christine is an instructor for the Colour Analyst training program.

12 Blueprints is her website.

Jorunn Hernes Fargeporten PCA Colour and style with Nordic simplicity
Jorunn hernes

Jorunn Hernes is located in Norway, where she offers in-person 12-Season Colour Analysis. Jorunn blogs in English and Norwegian about colour and style, with particular focus on minimalism and practicality.
Nordic Simplicity is her website.

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 I have to say, I love the podcast. It’s like having a cup of tea with you and Christine right in my living room! I have learnt so much from it. 


  I loved the podcast series you and Christine created on color and personality – – I could engage in that stuff all day long!