Nordic Simplicity

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Take a free course, or invest in a Masterclass. Or buy a scarf that's perfect for your Season. You can even book a personal colour analysis with me, in Norway or in London, UK!

There's always some new trick to dressing with easy style, some aspect of colour you have not known about, and new ways to get fired up about finally getting rid of all those clothes that don't fit and allowing yourself to dress in your favourite clothes every day.

Turn any outfit into an “I’m ready for my close-up” look with a versatile little scarf. Your bland winter coat will look great by wearing the Nordic Simplicity Scarf, in one of your Season’s best colours.

Time to take your outfits to the next level? Time to upgrade your look now that your hair has gotten silver glints? Time to get the confidence you need to tackle retail shop sales rottweilers? Book a personal colour analysis with me, and get one of the most thorough and systematic colour analysis experiences available today.