Ambulance in the Rain Scarf


The hats and scarves are a collaboration between Nordic Simplicity and LEIK knitwear, Norway. Made for Nordic Simplicity by LEIK knitwear, in Norway, and for sale directly from LEIK knitwear webshop.

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You’re rushing through the rain to get to work. The clouds hang half way down the sides of the buildings and the chill is only slightly softened by the double mocha latte you’re clutching in your frozen fingers.

The scarf around your neck is like a lightning bolt of energy, rivaling the espresso in your mocha. It’s bringing a smile of relief on the doorman of the building, much like an ambulance would bring hope.

One side is ambulance yellow, the other side is reassuringly steely grey. You choose what you want to project today, or twist it and make both colours show!

Only one is made of this scarf and it can be yours, if you’re quick. Better start the siren and flash those blue lights.

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It’s a bandanna, headscarf, small shawl all in one, made for Nordic Simplicity by LEIK knitwear, in Norway.

The Three Point Scarf is a 100% superbly soft, no-itch merino wool.

The scarves have a smooth, featherlight, weightless knit, smooth on one side and with a subtle texture on the other. Made for Nordic Simplicity by LEIK knitwear, in Norway.



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