Mossy Blossom Scarf


One side is soft rosy pink, the other a mossy muted green. You can choose which side to show, or you can twist it so that both sides show themselves. Decisions decisions. To show your romantic side or the sensible side. Both are you. Both are delightfully understated sophisticated. 

Perhaps live life on the wild side and twist the scarf, so both sides are showing? 

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It’s a bandanna, headscarf, small shawl all in one, made for Nordic Simplicity by LEIK knitwear, in Norway.

The Three Point Scarf is a 100% superbly soft, no-itch merino wool.

The scarves have a smooth, featherlight, weightless knit, smooth on one side and with a subtle texture on the other. Made for Nordic Simplicity by LEIK knitwear, in Norway.

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