A personal colour analysis appointment might not be for you.

You want to turn heads? Wear a mini skirt and walk past a construction site.

You want to be famous? Join a reality show.

Do you want likes? Start an Instagram account and post photos of your dog.

You want admirers? Use canned tuna as deodorant and go to a cat adoption center.

You want to get the perfect face? Book an appointment with a makeup artist.

You want colour advice from people who have never met you in person? Ask in a Facebook group.

If you do what everyone else is doing, you’ll only end up being looked over instead of being looked at.

Personal Colour Analysis is for people who want to show up in their own lives.

If you’re looking for a way to abandon trend directions and embrace your true north, call me. If you want to be seen when you show up, book a Personal Colour Analysis with me.

Don’t book a Personal Colour Analysis with me if you have a problem with Scandinavian no-nonsense straight talk.

Don’t book with me if you don’t want to try anything new.

Don’t book with me if you don’t want to use colours.

Don’t book with me if you’re not willing to put up with two hours in a chair having calibrated drapes swished across your face in a rigid process, with full-spectrum lights shining in your face, with your hair covered, wearing no makeup.

Don’t book with me if you have already made up your mind about what Season you are and only want me to confirm your result.

Don’t book with me if you think I should be able to do it in a shorter time, and for a lower price.

Don’t book with me if you don’t want to even remotely consider discussing your current choice of chemical hair colouring.

If you do want to show up in your own life, and want to know how the right colours can help you do that, I'm here for you!

I'm Jorunn, a Personal Colour Analyst based in Norway. My mission is to help you get more use out of the clothes that you already own, and to make really smart decisions when shopping for new ones, and to help you wear the colours that make people notice you when you walk into a room, for all the right reasons. 

If traveling to Norway is too difficult, there are several excellent 12 tone colour analysis consultants worldwide that I can recommend. Go to Chrysalis Colour to find one near you.