Colour Cards

NDU colors

You need help shopping for your perfect colours. These sciART based colour cards are your perfect companions.

Season Colour Cards

These colour swatches a smart addition to the collection of season products to help you shop with confidence, even if you have forgotten your colour fan at home! 

The credit card size Colour Card is made in the same top quality canvas as the NDU colors fans, and fits nicely in a bank card holder, phone cover or wallet.

Before you read on, I have to let you know that thanks to very zealous customs officials, customers in some European countries have had to pay customs fees and taxes that exceed the value of the little colour cards. 

Which is infuriating.

I cannot send products as gifts to avoid customs. I would LOVE to help you out, but I am just not able to sleep at night if I do something illegal. So when you order a colour card or harmony strip, be aware that you may have to pay customs fees and taxes in your country.

Also, I am only authorised to sell NDU colors products to European customers. Customers outside of Europe can order at their website NDU colors

Price $14, and this includes unregistered letter postage. But not customs fees and taxes in your country.

Terms and conditions:

Here's what's going to happen:
1. You pay by credit card.
2. I can only sell NDU color products within Europe. Postage is included in the price, but you are responsible for any taxes and customs that the postal service in your country might charge. I send by unregistered regular mail.
3. You get the NDU colors Season product in the mail and enjoy shopping with confidence.

What happens if you're not happy? Unused items may be returned. You pay return shipping.

I stock a very limited selection of NDU colors products, and only to Europe. To see the whole selection of their products, click on the button below. They ship worldwide.