Soft Summer Inspiration

Some outfits and suggestions as inspiration for Soft Summer

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Soft Summer in winter

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A winter coat in a neutral colour is a good investment.

Dark teal is a great neutral for Soft Summer, and a fabulous wardrobe investment.

Then you can combine it with all kinds of different hats and gloves in your lovely colours, for variation, and you will look great in an outfit like this one, combining different versions of blue.

Two ways of styling one dress

It's a fun challenge to change the look with the help of accessories! And when you wear the colours that you are, they remember YOU, not what dress you wore!

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By using different accessories, you can change the look of the outfit totally, and wear the same dress many times on a holiday season, and enjoy the same dress for many years.

Accessories for warm summer days

Adding some sophistication to an outfit is essential. 
I have one word for you. And that's two words: Always accessorise. 
Nordic Simplicity is simple. But not boring. 

And since outfits for warm summer days tend to be quite minimal, choosing a few essential accessories (and actually remembering to use them) is key.

The dusty blue is a nice colour for all three summers. But on its own, this dress lacks a little something.

Let's try adding a couple of accessories.

Soft Summer is summer with a touch of autumn earthiness. 

So I think this necklace is a great combo of summers transparent look and the wood elements bring in a just a touch of autumn without weighing down the look.

The wavy blue hairpin seems flowy enough for summer and the blue looks like just the right kind of dusty smoky Soft Summer blue.

Collage created with the wonderful

About the author, Jorunn Hernes

Jorunn is a Certified Personal Colour Analyst, founder of Nordic Simplicity and Scandinavian Style Academy™, the fresh, simple, Scandinavian approach to getting dressed. Jorunn will avoid social settings with more than three people but can be lured out with snacks and the promise to talk about books.

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