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Call me Sherlock, because I suspect that:

the REAL REASON you’re here is because you would like to have a wardrobe that makes you jump out of bed, eager to pick outfits from your dynamite selection of clothes.

Elementary, Watson.

If you’re like most of the people I talk to, they want to streamline their wardrobe.


Problem number 1: overwhelm

Most of my clients tell me they’re completely overwhelmed right now by the amount of clothes they have in their closet, and strangely enough having lots of clothes makes them feel that they have nothing to wear. 

what you really want is to have a perfect selection of clothes and feel effective instead of frustrated every morning, looking forward to easily purring together outfits


Problem number 2: LACK OF CONFIDENCE

You're unsure of your shopping decisions. When you bring home stuff you've bought you feel like a dork when you try to make outfits with the clothes you have from before, not sure when you'll ever wear them.

you'd love to put together outfits every day without thinking very hard, and feel confident for all occasions

If you are serious about building your perfectly streamlined wardrobe, then why don’t you start NOW?

I am offering you everything I know about creating the wardrobe that makes you look forward to getting dressed every day for only LOWER PRICE. This is a one-time offer on this quick and fun way to put together a wardrobe that works.

forget capsule wardrobes!

The goal is not to force you commit to a minimalist wardrobe of just 10? 33? items.

The Whizzy Wardrobe course is not a course in how to become a minimalist.

It is a course about how to build a sensible selection of clothes to fit your life.

Don't stop now!

I am offering you everything I know about creating the wardrobe that makes you look forward to getting dressed every day for only LOWER PRICE. This is a one-time offer on this quick and fun way to put together a wardrobe that works.

with the free course i'm sending you about colour analysis you'll be able to get a grip on what colour analysis is

BUT with the Whizzy Wardrobes course in addition, you’ll be a giant leap on your way to a completely different relationship with your clothes, even without a personal colour analysis.

WHIZZY WARDROBES includes the perfect, easy formula to create your own tailor-made wardrobe that suits your life!

Also, I’ve included a video and examples and illustrations, to make everything crystal clear.

And the fact that you’ve signed up for the Nordic Simplicity emails tells me that you’re someone who wants to really turn around your wardrobe so I want to give you a discount on the Whizzy Wardrobe course to make it easier for you to get started.

This mini-course is normally NOK 477, but today you can get it for NOK 197. Last I looked, this amounts to around $17 (but since currency bobs up and down like the head of a meerkat in the desert, I can't guarantee that it's exactly $17, but close to $17)

If you’re not ready to get it today then that’s fine, it will still be available at NOK 477. But if you’re ready to move forward now and get the special 24 hour promo price, then I really want to help.

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Get the indispensable introduction to the Nordic Simplicity wardrobe formula, learn the formula of effortless Nordic Simplicity dressing and get started today.

The WHIZZY WARDROBE course is for you if:




YOU're still stuck in lockdown leisure wear


you want a quick and easy, no-fuss wardrobe strategy that you can implement right away


you find that outfits you used to wear that you thought looked good, no longer do


you want more of the pieces that you know will always work for you, and less of the ones gathering dust
What customers say about other courses:

Has helped me make much better choices in clothes

Thank you for the additional lessons Jorunn. All the course material has helped me make much better choices in clothes and now your lessons on Bright Winters with lower contrast and ageing skin have helped enormously. The explanations about why some colours from my BW colour swatch and some BW makeup recommendations just don’t work for me. I have found your course insightful, practical and it has persuaded me to try Some colours that in the past I would have found terrifying . Now I just need to revisit all the notes made while doing your course and take your advice to keep practicing what I have learned. Many thanks and best wishes.

Chris Benson

It has given me inspiration

I have really enjoyed the lipstick course, and it has given me inspiration to try some shades I might not have expected to like. More please! Ailsa

Ailsa Joyce Gray

This course filled in SO many gaps

I REALLY enjoyed your Bright Winter course. I found your softer spoken video presence made me feel extremely welcome. This course filled in SO many gaps and gave me many, many "aha!" moments. Your makeup suggestions were a HUGE help!


Thanks for the courses

Dear Jorunn, Thanks for the courses. Have you considered refining the individual season sections into specific lipstick wardrobe categories? eg. “natural/“MLBB; daytime/office appropriate; classic; goto/never fail; and vamp/evening. Alternatively, by color group, for example, I think most true winters can have all situations covered with a classic red, a pure purple & an icy violet or pink. Thanks again, I look forward to your thoughts.

Elizabeth Yan

Clearing up the "Mumbo-Jumbo"

I loved your course. It made what can often sound like what I call "mumbo-jumbo" very clear and precise. Thank-you


Useful lessons

Thank you Jorunn, I found these lessons very useful. As an ageing and rather reluctant Bright Winter who finds lipstick scary your tips are much appreciated.


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