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The most versatile item in your suitcase. You'd think it would be a pair of shorts or something, right?

I read this in on the blog Kendi Everyday and it caught my attention. Her headline reads: The most versatile item in your suitcase.

Intriguing, right?

What she linked to is a lovely simple black and white dress from Banana Republic. I won't link to it from here, in case she is an affiliate of Banana Republic and I don't want to ruin her sales, so you can look at it via her blog.

It got me thinking. 

The most versatile item in your summer wardrobe might actually be a dress. If you choose the right kind. Here are the points you must consider when choosing a dress that can be used in multiple combinations:

Probably shouldn't be a maxi dress.

Medium length or short is more versatile.

Close fitting top, it makes it easier to layer. 

I'll show you examples. If you have an otherwise lovely dress with fluffy sleeves, it might be hard to put a close fitting T-shirt on top without it being really obvious that there is a dress underneath.

Multicoloured is actually quite versatile. 

And oh, so summery. It gives you lots of options for combining with different tops and making it look like a skirt-and-top ensemble.

I included a couple of examples of dresses in the June edition of  Fargeporten Nordic Simplicity. Not on the list? Here's where to make sure you don't miss out.

Here are the dresses. I'm sure you can guess which one I recommended for layering.

Multicoloured dress
yellow dress

The one on the left has less bulk in the top, and though the yellow dress is lovely, it might be a bit bulky under a T-shirt.

One of my readers suggested I made a collage of examples of layering, and that's a good idea. I use URSTYLE to make collages, since Polyvore is no more. Go follow me there, if you would like to see other collages that I have made.

Here are some dresses that I found on Urstyle. If you follow the link to Urstyle you can find the shopping information there.

A collage of different summer dresses

See how the dresses on the left have more fabric on the top? You may be able to layer them under cardigans or a loose top, but the ensemble might end up being a bit bulky.

The dresses on the right are sleeveless or with cap sleeves. A little easier to layer.

I chose two of the dresses and found some different tops for them:

Different ways of layering summer dresses to make them look like skirt-and-top outfits

See how versatile just one dress can be? I will be sure to pack one in my suitcase this summer, that's for sure.

Now head on over to Kendi's blog and let her know how inspiring her blog post was.

And for an in-depth look at layering, see all my useful tips on layering HERE.

Struggling with a boring wardrobe?

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