November 1

The real reason I do colour analysis


The rare privilege of being a Personal Colour Analyst

I had a revelation during my latest stay in London. No, it wasn't how great the morning tea tastes when combined with the outlook of a day of swishing drapes back and forth under people's faces watching their skin turn from sallow to glowing, from aged to youthful.

The colour analysis sessions were magical, as always. Such wonderful people, and each appointment was a unique journey into the real person.

When in London, I do a lot of walking. Before and between appointments, I walk, to clear my head and to enjoy the big city feeling. I don’t do much shopping, but I find it fascinating to look at the window displays and ads.

Walking between Personal Colour Analysis appointments, with these women’s appearance fresh in my mind, seeing the flashy ads on big posters in the windows I had an epiphany. 

I know the ads are not selling clothing and cosmetics and fragrance.

They’re selling a dream. They’re selling what people would like to be or what they are being led to think that they should be.

They’re selling an illusion of their dream self.

But in a flash, I realized how different my line of business is, and I'm so proud. I have the rare privilege of selling the real them, the real self.

Didn’t at all tear me up as I was walking.

Probably just the wind in my eyes.

Natural beauty woman laughing with joy

As you might have guessed, I occasionally offer Personal Colour Analysis appointments in the UK. Will I see you in London? Join the waiting list here.


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