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Ready to look your radiant best in your natural hair colour?

I'm working on a new Masterclass on how to embrace the glorious stages of Autumn hair, from the intriguing salt-and-pepper phase to the incredibly powerful Autumn Silver Fox.

This course will be for you if you're a Soft Autumn, True Autumn or Dark Autumn. If you're scared of looking like a wilted granny but want to look your radiant golden best in your natural hair colour, this course is all you need.

What you'll get in The Silver Haired Autumn course

Using your Autumn colours

Lessons for each of the three Autumns on exactly how to use your colours to complement your changing hair

Tackling the confidence gobblers

Q & A - how to counter every snide remark from not-so-well-meaning bystanders as you embrace your silver strands

Sample capsule wardrobes

Copious examples of sample capsule wardrobes to make the most of your silver hair, for Soft Autumn, True Autumn and Dark Autumn

Hair style and makeup

The best haircuts as your body ages, and ways to adapt your makeup as your hair turns grey, including my special trick when sampling makeup at the cosmetics counter

...and more!

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What they say about other courses:

This course is so packed with useful information on how to integrate the BW palette into your life. It explains a lot of the details that could easily be overlooked for those of us who are low contrast BW’s. Thank you Jorunn, this was a fun adventure.

Bright Winter Masterclass

I've thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is a real gem. I continue to consult with it regularly, going deeper each time, reworking and/or polishing some of the gold nuggets I've unhearthed. It puts me at peace in a world overstimulated with information resources. I love how this course is set up and how it's led me to greater clarity step by step, asking me to go deeper each time, in a very practical way but with poise, finesse and great attention to details. 

Capsule Wardrobe Course

I am finding the course very helpful. I have gone through it twice and feel I need to go through it again. It has helped me focus on my style and realize what I like. I feel much more confident in planning my fall capsule wardrobe. Thank you!

Capsule Wardrobe Course

Hi, I'm Jorunn

I'm a certified sciART Personal Colour Analyst and founder of the “Yes, I Woke Up Like This” Scandinavian way of looking quietly fabulous.

I'm passionate about the joy of dressing with less, can think of 57 reasons to keep your natural hair colour and I have a sourdough named Sébastien.