How to age gracefully without losing sight of how striking you can still be, using the secrets of your Season. 

How to use your colours when your hair goes grey and how to unlock the secret of how your Season's colours can help you when you're feeling bland and dull.

Special sections on your neutrals and how to use them effectively.

These Masterclasses help you use your Season to feel wickedly capable and vibrantly powerful, with practical help and lots of examples and collages.

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A short and sweet thumbs up


Hilda Chiasson

Your advice helped a lot

Your online course is excellent, especially the section related to putting outfits together. I rely very much on neutrals. I found your advice on color proportions very useful. One aspect is very interesting to me. And that is how to combine an image archetype to the color analysis result in the outfits.This is an area which I found sometimes difficult but your advice to pay attention to the proportions of the contrasting colors helped a lot to reconcile these two aspects (the example of the violet blazer and the yellow necklace vs. top).


This will certainly help me

Very helpful Jorunn. I have all the spring and soft autumn colour swatches. I'm not quite sure which season I am but this will certainly help me use the swatches more successfully as I am definitely that person who tries to match the colour.

Judy Kanizay

I love that you addressed the lighter-haired/lower-contrast appearing Bright Winters

These topics have been so helpful, and I love that you addressed the lighter-haired/lower-contrast appearing Bright Winters, as I’ve felt rather a bit of an outsider. Such useful tips, and I love your pragmatism, light-heartedness, and wit. I know I will be going back to this again and again. Thank you, Jorunn!


So packed with useful information

This course is so packed with useful information on how to integrate the BW palette into your life. It explains a lot of the details that could easily be overlooked for those of us who are low contrast BW’s. Thank you Jorunn, this was a fun adventure ?


Easy to understand

This course was easy to understand. I didn't get lost among the terms as I often do in reading about color analysis. Wish I lived near Norway to visit you for a personal consultation.


Has helped me make much better choices in clothes

Thank you for the additional lessons Jorunn. All the course material has helped me make much better choices in clothes and now your lessons on Bright Winters with lower contrast and ageing skin have helped enormously. The explanations about why some colours from my BW colour swatch and some BW makeup recommendations just don’t work for me. I have found your course insightful, practical and it has persuaded me to try Some colours that in the past I would have found terrifying . Now I just need to revisit all the notes made while doing your course and take your advice to keep practicing what I have learned. Many thanks and best wishes.

Chris Benson

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