We all have a uniform.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Your "uniform" is what you dress in day after day, the combination of clothes that you feel most at home in, what you wear when you're not thinking about what to wear, when you're on autopilot. 

Think. What did you wear this last week?

Was there a pattern to how you dressed?

Is jeans and sweater your uniform?

Do you own five different pairs of straight, narrow, black pants ? And three almost identical sweaters that you use again and again, even though you have lots of nice blouses and shirts hanging in the closet, for the most part unused? 

Quite a lot of people stick to a uniform. Steve Jobs is a good example, he had a closet full of jeans and black turtlenecks, and wore them all the time. Here are a few more examples of celebrities that have a preferred formula for dressing, that wee can call their uniform:

Carolina Herrera - narrow skirt, white shirt, pointy shoes

Victoria Beckham - narrow pants and long jacket

Rebecca Minkoff - biker jacket and jeans

Donna Karan - all black with boots and statement necklaces

My point is that it's all right. 

I want you to treasure the uniform or uniforms that you feel comfortable in, and refine them until they are completely aligned with your dream style and completely tailored to the activities that fill your life. 

It's better to have three good pairs of jeans and five sweaters that actually get used, than a whole bunch of skirts and blouses that make you feel bad for having spent money on them and not using them. 

Example #1 

For this woman, narrow skirt and fitted tops is the most usual combination. 

Example #2 

A pretty common uniform, jeans and T-shirt.

Remind you of anyone you know?

Example #3 

This woman prefers wide, comfortable pants, chunky shoes and loose fitting tops.

A uniform consists of a type of bottom, a type of top, a particular kind of shoes, perhaps, and in some cases an extra layer (shirt, sweater, cardigan), sometimes a signature accessory of some kind. Belt? Chunky necklace? A particular kind of earrings?

No matter what your formula or uniform is, you can use this when planning your capsule wardrobes.

In the capsule wardrobe course you'll get help to nail your style, pinpoint your uniform, analyze your days and weeks, choose a colour palette and plan your perfect capsule wardrobes.