Life is too short to have a mumsy wardrobe

You want to jump out of bed and look forward to getting dressed in no time with your dynamite selection of clothes.

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 Capsule wardrobe is so 2021.

Introducing Wardrobe Magic!

Let's have you cook up a Magic Wardrobe, the kind that lets you throw together a look that takes you all of two minutes using the fail-proof, easy Nordic Simplicity outfit formula.

So start practicing that  "Thank you, I know" speech (don't forget to add the wink) for when strangers at the bus stop fawn over your outfits.

Happy women who know their colours

Become a Wardrobe Magician

  • Get confident about what your style is
  • Don't be limited by a capsule wardrobe
  • Enjoy a wardrobe that actually works
  • Never be manipulated by pushy sales assistants again
Enroll now to stop feeling like a granny bumpkin

Here’s what people are saying about Magic Wardrobe course

A very eye-opening experience

I think you made the whole course very entertaining and fun, without losing the focus on a great and sustainable result! I loved the ”pro tips” yellow boxes you have inserted. Also the video about your own capsule and the ”formula”. That somehow made it clear for me to visualize and seemed like a very simple and easy way to approach and create a curated wardrobe for my life. 

This course was a very eyeopening experience for me. Even if I had gone through the previous one too. I really saw clearly, how tangled up I was in a ”fantasy life” and ”fantasy self” that was lurking behind the reason why I am never satisfied with my wardrobe.

I also found it important to not rush through the course and go for the stake too swiftly. When I take my time, slowly marinating and checking in, I get a better result and a clearer picture.

Wardrobe Magic course

I love how this course is set up

I've thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is a real gem. I continue to consult with it regularly, going deeper each time, reworking and/or polishing some of the gold nuggets I've unearthed. It puts me at peace in a world overstimulated with information resources. I love how this course is set up and how it's led me to greater clarity step by step, asking me to go deeper each time, in a very practical way but with poise, finesse and great attention to details. 

Capsule Wardrobe course

What’s in the course

chapter 1 

2 lessons


The layout of the course and the truth about sustainability.

chapter 2

5 lessons

Your style

Find your unique Nordic Style and learn how to merge your style with your real life.

Worksheets included to nail your style.

chapter 3

4 lessons

Your colours

Neutrals, colours, and exactly how to use them effectively in a wardrobe.

These exercises will give you the wardrobe colours you always wanted.

chapter 4

2 lessons

Your life

A quick reality check, and exploring your uniform or preferred outfit formula.

Worksheets to help you solve the confusion and nail your own formula.

chapter 7

2 lessons


The last pieces of the puzzle and wardrobes for special occasions.

Like I'd let you go without partay clothes...

chapter 5

5 lessons

Your magic wardrobe

The anatomy of an outfit, exactly what is the Nordic Simplicity formula for building a wardrobe, with lots of examples and illustrations.

Worksheets! Inspiration!

chapter 8

2 lessons

Bonus material

(Special secret bonus material to help you)

chapter  6

3 lessons

Taking stock

When you get this far into the course you'll have all the background you need to dive into your wardrobe and decide on a course of action.

With handy-dandy charts to fill in.


Jorunn Hernes sciART Personal Colour Analyst

- Founder of Nordic Simplicity "Simple, Not Boring" style system.

- Certified Personal Colour Analyst, trained by Christine Scaman of 12 BLUEPRINTS.

- Co-hosts Chrysalis Colour Analysis Podcast with Christine Scaman.

- Can come up with 57 reasons to keep your natural hair colour.

- Reveals complex colour and style in a straightforward way, because it really doesn't have to be that difficult.

- Will avoid social settings with more than three people but can be lured out with snacks and the promise to talk about books.

Here’s what people are saying about me as an instructor

I found your softer spoken video voice made me feel extremely welcome. This course filled SO many gaps and gave me many, many AHA! moments. 

Tina // customer

I love your site and the clean, crisp presentation of both ideas and clothing. I'm so grateful for your keen grasp of colour and its role in personal style

Frances // customer

Watching and/or listening to Jorunn's voice is always a treat. Her trustworthy, refined and calming, yet joyful, presence is very palpable throughout the course. Perfect!

Sylvie // customer

You'll save so much money

Americans buy an average of 64 items of clothing and 7.5 pairs of shoes per year.

If most of those clothes end up cluttering up your closet without being used, that's a lot of money. Say you've spent around $40 for each item on average, that is $2560 per year. 

So $2560 per year is an estimated average spent on clothes per year.

When you have a Nordic Simplicity Magic Wardrobe, you'll be wearing your favourite clothes every day and feel less need to buy new clothes or shoes all the time!

The only wardrobe course you'll ever need



  • You can start right away
  • Downloadable worksheets 
  • Follow-up accountability emails
  • Wardrobe Magician certificate

What Are You Waiting For? 

There's absolutely NO RISK with the 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about other courses

I  liked the course—it was beautifully designed, with wonderful examples.  Such a lot of work to put it together! I am a bright winter and took your Bright Winter course, which was invaluable. I had learned things that were covered in this course, but I learned some new things that will be very helpful and the perfect red example was great.  I have to brace myself, but that really is my best red.

How (not) to wear black Masterclass

This course is so packed with useful information on how to integrate the BW palette into your life. It explains a lot of the details that could easily be overlooked for those of us who are low contrast BW’s. Thank you Jorunn, this was a fun adventure ?

Bright Winter Masterclass

I highly recommend taking this course if you are a Bright Winter. I took the course a year ago and then repeated it this last few days and have found it extremely helpful. Had I taken it 8 years ago when I was color draped as a Bright Winter it would have helped me get focused, make a plan and avoid some expensive mistakes.

Bright Winter Masterclass


Do I need to know my season?

No, absolutely not. This course is about finding your style, taking control of the closet and making a wardrobe plan, and you don't have to know your season to benefit from the course!

Will the course content be outdated?

Knowing how to plan your wardrobe is evergreen and independent of fashion and trends, so what you learn is timeless and you'll be able to use the system no matter what the current fashion is.

How will I use the course?

I suggest slowly, and with paper, pen and copious amounts of tea. The course has lots of worksheets, and they're called WORKsheets for a reason. Doing the exercises will make all the difference. AND... I will be sending you emails at regular intervals, nudging you along and encouraging you to share your progress with me.

Can I go back and review the course anytime, at my own speed?

The course that will be available for you for as long as it exists. Once you’ve purchased it, you can go through it at your own speed, and you can return to it whenever and as many times as you wish and refer to it whenever you want to renew your wardrobe and want some inspiration.

Do I have to get a sled dog and a silly Norwegian knitted hat?

Of course not. I chose that picture of myself to show you that I'm a real person and my wardrobe reflects the kind of life I lead. You will be able to tailor your wardrobe to your style and your life, whether you're living a city life or in the back of beyond, like I do.