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Warm coats for Nordic style types


Warm coats for the Nordic style types

Nordic Simplicity style is about being practical, and it's also about being stylish. Because simple does not mean boring.

Here are some coats that I picked for the four different Nordic style types, Nordic Urban, Nordic Explorer, Nordic ice Queen and Nordic Eccentric.

If you don't immediately recognize which style would suit your personality, take the quiz to find out! You'll find it at the bottom of the page.

So, warm winter jackets.

Nordic Urban 

If Nordic Urban is your style of choice, you'll probably feel drawn to simple, sleek styles and an unembellished look, with few but exquisite accessories. Details will be few but tailored, and sophistication is an apt keyword for your style. Nordic Urban is timeless and elegant and more concerned with style than following the latest trends.

Warm winter coats for Nordic Urban

These two coats might both be worn by a Nordic Urban.

The taupe trench coat I picked because it is sleek and has few details. But the oversized metal buckle on the belt lends a certain edgy feel, so it is not bland or uninteresting.

The long down coat is Nordic Urban because it is ultra sleek (for a down coat, that is). The padding isn't super fluffy so it will give a slender silhouette. The collarless style is great for combining with a carefully curated collection of statement scarves!

Nordic Ice Queen

Femininity is the keyword for Nordic Ice Queen. Accessorizing is a must for this delicate interpretation of Nordic style, and she is no stranger to fake fur collars and cloche hats. We're talking soft, rounded silhouette and being mindful of emphasizing the waist, even in warm winter clothing.

Warm coats for Nordic Ice Queen

Look what I found!

Down coats with belts. Such a find for a Nordic Ice Queen. Talk about keeping warm and maintaining the desired femininity.

These two coats will look lovely with skirts, and are feminine enough even when paired with nice warm pants and winter boots.

The softly fluffed up down coats are perfect for the rounded silhouette of Nordic Ice Queen.

Nordic Eccentric

The quirky essence of the Nordic Eccentric style calls for something a little asymmetrical or unexpected, or both. Nordic Eccentric craves unusual combinations and something that makes her stand out from the crowd. The keyword of this style type is eclectic, and she refuses to follow trends. But by being a little original, she sometimes creates trends.

Nordic Eccentric is the one who dug out her grandmothers vintage coat and used it with her mother's tulle tutu and her uncle's combat boots, before it became trendy to shop at thrift stores.

Warm winter coats for Nordic Eccentric

The coat on the left is something I imagine could have come from a box in the attic. The shaggy fake fur is delightfully naughty combined with the black leather collar and the triangular buttons. Quite the retro vibe, but in a very edgy way.

I placed the black down coat in Nordic Eccentric because of the assymetric style, and the oversized collar also lends a certain eccentric feel to it.

And combined with the right shoes and accessories, the Nordic Eccentric can be stylish and warm in something like this.

Nordic Explorer

Last but not least, the practical and unassuming Nordic Explorer. When picking clothes, she feels that practicality trumps fashion any day, and comfortable is her keyword. For this casual and outdoorsy style type, staying warm is of the essence, and winter coats need to have room to move and practical details.

Warm coats for Nordic Explorer

The black parka on the right ticks off all the right boxes.

Nice and long for warmth, a double zipper to keep the wind out, and a hood for then the going gets tough while outside with the kids or dogs.

And quite often, the Nordic Explorer will not opt for a down coat, but chooses a classic anorak like this Norwegian anorak from the brand Norrøna. It keeps the wind out and is roomy enough for wearing numerous layers of woolen sweaters underneath, and with a practical front pocket. The Norwegian Explorer is no stranger to combining this anorak with a skirt, opaque tights and boots and calling it "dressed up, Nordic version".

Which coat would you pick? Which style type resonates best with your personality?

Take the quiz and let me know if you think the result fits your style!


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