Ways to wear a scarf

Don't you just love scarves?

I love them because they keep me warm, and what a marvelous way to add colour to an otherwise bland outfit! Scarves are so easy to pack, or bring along in a pocket or handbag, too. Added benefit: They don't set off any alarms in the airport security!

There are so many ways to wear a scarf and just to inspire you with a few options, I made this video.

I'm completely besotted with these triangular scarves from LEIK knitwear of Norway. They are just the perfect shape and size for tying in a bunch of different ways, they're unbelievably soft (100% itch free merino wool) and are elastic, which makes them super comfy as headbands as well as neck scarves.

So I commissioned scarves in perfect colours for the different seasons. The one I'm using in the video is Mischievous Cherry Red, for Bright Winter.

I'll keep adding colours, so keep checking the page for new additions to the collection.

About the author, Jorunn Hernes

Jorunn is a Certified Personal Colour Analyst, founder of Nordic Simplicity and Scandinavian Style Academy™, the fresh, simple, Scandinavian approach to getting dressed. Jorunn will avoid social settings with more than three people but can be lured out with snacks and the promise to talk about books.

    • Hello Ellen, I’m so glad you like the scarf! Yes, the merino wool is not as thin and delicate as a silk scarf, but the upside of this soft wool is that it’s not slippery at all, which makes it stay nicely in place and the knots don’t slip open.

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