Finding a winter coat for a Light Summer or a bikini for a Dark Winter is not easy. Nor is finding a going-on-a-cruise-in-the-Caribbean outfit for a True Autumn.

But help is on the way, now that you have joined the Bespoke Service!

Here's what you can look forward to:

Once in a while, I'll send you an email with curated items and useful tips on how to adapt your season's palette to the current season (pun intended). In addition, I'll send you the general email that I send out to everyone on the list, whether they know their season or not.
(It has lots of fun stuff in it that I think you might like to read). So you'll get two emails per month, one general and one that's tailored to your season.

You will also get notified when I have a created new courses.

I'll throw in the odd reading recommendation sometimes, and curated content from other bloggers if I find it relevant to you and your season. 

All served with Nordic simplicity, a sensible attitude and a certain dose of wry Norwegian sense of humour.

Oh, and I need to know which Season (or Seasons) you want to have emails for! If you haven't already signed up for a specific Season (or several), please click here to write me an email and let me know. 

Yours with fingers poised over the keyboard ready to write to you,