How to pick the perfect white for your wedding dress

Each season has her best white. 

The best way to choose the correct white for your season is to begin by accepting that perhaps your best white is not white.

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Your wedding day. If you are getting married, you know that this is the one day in your life when you want to look your very best. And if you have had a colour analysis, you will remember that not all whites are created equal. If you haven't had a colour analysis, book one ASAP, before you choose your dress. If you need more reasons to have a colour analysis, read this article.

Choosing a wedding dress is not easy. It should be the perfect style for your body, but it is also important to choose a shade of white that complements your skin. A wedding dress that makes you shine like you deserve on such an important day, and not make you look tired (or sick). So knowing your season is important when shopping for a wedding dress. And bring your colour fan!

Winter - crisp, clear white

If you are a winter, your best whites are clear, crisp whites. 

Dark Winter will choose a white that has the faintest hint of smokiness to it, rather than the optic white of True Winter.

True Winter will look dazzling in a crisp optic white, and combining it with deep black is stunning (but if you are the bride, you will of course wear all white). 

The Bright Winter white is white like snow with sunshine on it, a sheen of yellow is what brings the sparkle to the eyes of a Bright Winter. 

Spring - rich and whipped cream delicious white

The springs will look for rich, creamy whites, almost to the point of looking like whipped eggs.

Bright Spring white is the cooler side of spring, so let that reflect on the shade of white also. But it is better to go for a creamier white than an optic white. 

True Spring needs to look for whites that are bathed in sunshine and dipped in vanilla ice cream.

Light Spring will be fine with a creamy white with a side of sunshine.

Summer - hazy, cloudy, kitten white

The hazy summer clouds will be your guideline. Cotton ball soft white.

Light Summer can handle a little more of a yellow tinge in the white, keep it hazy and not too bright white.

True summer is also best in hazy, cool but not bright white.

Soft Summer can go even a little more hazy grey. White with a hint of lavender sounds kind of perfect for a Soft Summer.

Autumn - whites that are not white

Ah, white for Autumns - a dangerous territory. Pure white on an autumn is a disaster. Wearing bright optic white is a recipe for looking older and more tired for all three autumns. 

Soft Autumn will choose the white of antique lace, a white that is muted with a hint of beige.

True Autumn will look far better in a very light beige than in pure white. One look in the mirror will confirm this, trust me.

Dark Autumns white is almost never white. She will look stunning in a light caramel colour. It will be your best white even though it isn't white.

Bridal whites on Pinterest

As a companion to this blog article, I have started a Pinterest board with examples of bridal whites for the 12 seasons. Please be aware that images look very different from screen to screen, and the dresses might look totally different in real life, it's more of a mood-board, so take the images with a grain of salt.  

Photo by Jen P. on Unsplash
About white on Chrysalis Colour - The Podcast

Christine Scaman and I devoted all of Episode 10 of our podcast to white. 

You can listen to us talk about how to wear your kind of white beautifully (not only for your wedding dress, but for all kinds of outfits), look it up HERE

About the author, Jorunn Hernes

Jorunn is a Certified Personal Colour Analyst, founder of Nordic Simplicity and Scandinavian Style Academy™, the fresh, simple, Scandinavian approach to getting dressed. Jorunn will avoid social settings with more than three people but can be lured out with snacks and the promise to talk about books.

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