Nordic Simplicity is creating a simple, functional wardrobe that leaves you free to spend time on activities and people you love,
not hunting for the latest trend colour or this season's must-haves.

Picking the colours that make you look like you run the company you work for.

Effortless style the Nordic way. Without looking like you're about to enter the Iditarod.

There is enough complicated things in your life. Let's make dressing simple. 

Here are my 3 steps to dressing like a Scandinavian goddess:


Find your best colours

You want to use colour with confidence. You want to know what colour nuances that make your eyes twinkle and your skin look healthy and radiant.

You do not want to skip this step.

You want to know if your skin glows in warm, cool or neutral colours. You want to experience for yourself which colours enhance your eye colour. You want to know for sure whether your features seem crisp in colours of low intensity or in highly pigmented colours. You certainly do want to use the benefits of knowing how light or dark your palette should go, and how much contrast is just perfect for you.

You think you know your colours, but you don't really know until you know. Until you have seen yourself in all kinds of different colours and compared them, one after the other, until you were left with the best of the best options. And you'll know forever which colours to treat like toxic waste. Going through the process of colour analysis in the capable hands of a professional is probably your best possible investment.

You may think you know your colours, but you don't really know until you've compared them to the colours that you look terrible in

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Excuse me while I climb up on the soap box: Getting your colours sorted is even more important than finding your style. 

Of course, in a perfect world, who wouldn’t want to be dressed in perfect colours and perfect style? But if I have to choose, I choose colour, and here’s why:

Imagine two sweaters. 

One that makes you look radiantly healthy and ten years younger, but the neckline is round and your stylist Philipe rolls his eyes and says you need sharp V-necks.

On the other hand, the perfect V-neck sweater, but in a colour that makes you look like you have tuberculosis, haven’t slept well for a year and you look ten years older than your aunt.

I say it’s not a difficult choice if we think in those extremes. 

It's all about comparing

Luckily, in real life we have lots of choices so it’s really not so hard to find clothes in approximately the right style and in colours that harmonize with out palettes. It’s always about comparing, and a dress or top that’s in a certain style is usually available in more than one colour. And your colour analyst will show you in example after example which choices bring out the healthier, younger, fresher version of yourself.

It's called personal for a reason

An online colour analysis cannot replace a real life, in person, personal colour analysis. I'm sure these online colour consultants are highly trained and are performing according to strict standards.

But being physically in the same room with the fabrics and your Personal Colour Analyst and being guided through the comparisons two fabric pieces at the time under controlled lighting conditions is really and truly the best way to do it. 


Claim your Nordic style

I will teach you to dress with Nordic simplicity even without knowing how to pronounce the words "kos" and "friluftsliv". And I'll make it fun.

A different approach to style

What is style anyway? Some people say style is given by your bone structure and your features. I have a slightly different approach.

Bone structure and silhouette are important in the way that the clothes we wear should follow and complement the lines in our body, in order to create a balanced presence.

"Help me stand firm in myself!"

A recent client expressed this very well, when I asked her why she booked an appointment with me, she said "I feel that finding my colours will help me stand firm in myself". I loved the way she expressed this. She said this in the context of revealing her Season and finding her colours, but the same thing happens when you are dressing according to the lines in your body. It will indeed make you appear more calm and constant, help you "stand firm".

You want to convey who you are, or else you end up being a copy of someone else's preferences

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Dressing according to your silhouette and bone structure is important, but I believe style is about more than that. Style is using the way you dress to express your personality and preferences. And only dressing according to the tips in  the latest fashion magazine can make you stylish, but is not the way to communicate your personal style. You need something more. You want to convey who you are, or else you end up being a copy of someone else's preferences. 

Not only for caucasian women

I'm Norwegian. And my philosophy is Nordic simplicity. So my approach will not fit everybody, but it is not restricted to caucasian women living in Scandinavia.

You can be of any race, skin colour and belong to any culture and still feel at home in Nordic simplicity if you are looking for effortless, simple style that is practical.

If this is you, follow me up the winding mountain path to find your Nordic style and discover how you can create your own style as an expression of your true self, simple and easy. Start by taking this quiz:


Be the master of your own wardrobe

Since you're still here, having read this far down on this page, I know this much about you: 

Your life is far too busy with other, important stuff, you don't want to spend a lot of time putting together outfits and thinking about what to wear.

And at the same time you actually want to look professional and put together, and you really do want to dress functional and stylish at the same time.

The answer to this is capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a small, well planned wardrobe that allows you to get dressed with whatever is clean and look fine, even if you dressed blindfolded. The capsule wardrobe contains only clothes that fit your body and your lifestyle, and you don't need a fashion blogger or professional stylist to put it together for you. 

You do need an expert to make your capsule wardrobe.

And that expert is you.

You are the expert on your own preferences and know what life you actually lead. And you also know your own dreams, you just need a little nudge to access all this knowledge.

You need an expert to create your capsule wardrobe. And that expert is you.

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With the right tools, tips and tricks you can easily build your own capsule wardrobe, step by step. 

It's best to start by analyzing your lifestyle and how you spend your days. Really spend your days. And then build a carefully selected wardrobe to fit that. According to some simple guidelines about basic colours and accent colours, taking into account your silhouette and how much clothes you really need to make enough functional outfits for your daily occasions, and also for important occasions that don't happen very often but are important all the same. 

Get started today

Get your wardrobe sorted so that you can go on to spend your time and energy on the important things in your life.